Angela Zeigler
B.S., Chemistry
Furman University

Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Virginia
Box 800759 Health System
Charlottesville, VA 22908

Lab: (434) 924 1729
Fax: (434) 982 3870


  • Apply systems biology approaches to better understand how cardiac fibroblasts choose to adopt a specific phenotype in complex signaling environments using post-myocardial infarction wound healing as an example.
* Determine context-dependent drivers of extracellular matrix remodeling through development and experimental validation of a computational model of fibroblast signaling.
* Identify potential therapeutic strategies that modulate extracellular matrix remodeling by fibroblasts in signaling contexts representative of different phases of infarct healing.
* Identify novel sub-networks that regulate extracellular matrix remodeling in cardiac fibroblasts.

Publications (* denotes equal contribution)

  1. ''A.C. Zeigler, W.J. Richardson, J.W. Holmes, J.J. Saucerman. A Computational Model of Cardiac Fibroblast Signalling Predicts Context-Dependent Drivers of Myofibroblast differentiation. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. 2016; 94:72-81. PMID: 27017945. [Pubmed]
  2. ''A.C. Zeigler, W.J. Richardson, J.W. Holmes, J.J. Saucerman. Computational Modeling of Cardiac fibroblasts and fibrosis. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. (Review), 2016; 93:73-83. PMID: 26608708. [Pubmed]
  3. ''Straub A.C., A.C. Zeigler, B. E. Isakson. The myoendothelial junction: connections that deliver the message. Physiology. (Review). [Pubmed]

Presentations (* denotes equal contribution)

  1. ''A.C. Zeigler, W. Richardson, J. Holmes, J. Saucerman A Logic-Based Model of Cardiac Fibroblast Signaling Predicts Switch-Like Behavior; BMES Annual Meeting 2014.[]

Honors and Fellowships

  • NIH F30 Individual Predoctoral NRSA Fellowship 2016-current
  • AHA Predoctoral Fellowship 2016 (declined)
  • HHMI Undergraduate Research Fellow 2009-2010
  • St. Jude Research Hospital Pediatric Oncology Education Program Intern 2010