85% of BME majors have had significant hands-on experience outside the classroom prior to their 4th Year:
Independent research or design
NSF- or NIH-sponsored summer program
Industry internships
SEAS Policy Internship
Center for Global Health Scholars Project

Research and Design

It’s no boast to say BME Majors are among the University’s finest — year after year, there’s ample proof of their superb performance. But it’s not just awards and accolades that do us proud. BME Majors are equal partners in the lab, providing the working hands and bold new ideas that are the stuff of papers, patents and grants.

Equal Partners in Discovery

BME Majors are members of research labs and design teams across BME, Engineering and Medicine. Many students perform basic and applied science research; a growing number contribute to projects where there is direct clinical application or a strong translational (lab-to-clinic) approach.

Translational Medicine

Often a U.Va. physician will have the germ of a great idea, but it’s BME majors who execute and drive the project forward. Traditionally, this takes place in classes like BME Advanced Design (3rd Year) and BME Capstone Design (4th Year). But there is an increasing trend towards independent design and “design-for-credit,” paralleling our very active for-credit and volunteer research program.

Getting Started

Research is performed on a paid, for-credit or volunteer basis, both during the summer and academic year. The most successful students work with a single lab/project for two or more years. Getting started early is the key (1st and 2nd year). Here are some resources to help you hone in on your research interests:

BME Research and Shadowing Guide

BME Labs List