Upcoming Events
BME Networking Night
On Tuesday, September 17th, we will host our inaugural BME Networking Night at UVa. We are working to bring 12 BME-related companies to meet with BME students about internships and jobs. Students can talk in greater depth with companies about corporate opportunities and learn more about the companies and opportunities. Students can bring resumes and showcase their skills. We are hoping for a GRAND turnout, so plan to be there!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall, UVa
5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Companies include (as of 8/13/14): HemoShear; Indoor Biotechnologies; Health Diagnostic Lab.; National Instruments; Canon Life Sciences; Alcon Labs.; Deloitte; Johnson & Johnson (pending); Siemens (in discussion); GE Healthcare (in discussion) and others in discussion.

BME Networking Night—Information & Practice Session
Some students may not have experience “networking” with companies, so we are going to give provide assistance by giving you some pointers and a chance to practice. This session will be in conjunction with the first BMES Student Chapter Officers meeting (probably September 10th). Bobbe will go over some suggestions for productive interactions and will have seasoned “networking professionals” available to practice networking with the students. It will be FUN and productive interaction for all! Refreshments will be served. More details will be available once the semester begins from Renee Han and Bobbe.

BMES Southeast Biomedical Engineering Conference
BMES and Clemson University are hosting SEBECC in Atlanta on Friday, September 26th. UVa will not be organizing a trip to SEBECC this year because of the distance and a large number of BME folks will be attending the BMES annual meeting in San Antonio in September. We are offering local events instead. For details: http://bmes.org/sebecc14. For questions, please contact Bobbe.

Internship Program

BME’s Industrial/Global Internship Program and Career-Building Assistance

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student in BME or Nanomedicine, set up an appointment with Bobbe Nixon regarding your career plans. Begin early—we recommend early in your second year or even earlier!

Industrial Internships

UVa’s BME Internship Program provides opportunities for BME and Nanomedicine majors to experience real-world problem solving in biomedical engineering, biotechnology, and medical device companies. Students usually participate the summer after their second if they have already had some lab or corporate experience; otherwise the summer after their third year is more common. Interns work 40 hours/week at the corporate site and earn an average $4,000 over ten weeks. Interns present their work at the annual BME Research and Internship Resource Fair in late August.

Since 2000, 140 students have been placed in specially created internships with 58 companies. Also, numerous students successfully applied to established internship programs. Companies range from large corporations to small, high-tech ventures across the U.S. More recently, we’ve begun to foster experiences abroad, including global corporate internships.

Corporate partners benefit from the engineering skills, current knowledge, lab experience, and leadership abilities of our students. They also identify new talent for future positions in the company! Both corporate hosts and BME students report the summer internship to be a very productive experiential education opportunity.

Global Internships

We work with students to develop international internships, both in corporate and university settings. To date, BME Majors have worked in Spain, Palestine, South Africa, France, and China. If you have always wanted to visit a particular country, think about experiencing a BME summer internship there. Some of those opportunities are paid; most are not. Although you may be responsible for your own expenses, the practical experience as you build your career can be invaluable.

Jobs Assistance

Our office works directly with companies who are interested interviewing and recruiting our graduates for permanent positions. We also advertise a wide variety of job openings to current and graduated students, as these prospects become available from different companies and recruiting resources.

Career Development Plan

Our office meets with students to develop or fine-tune their career “plans”. Students set up an appointment to meet, bring a resume, questions, and are prepared to talk about the various career options that are available to them. To set up an appointment, please e-mail our Internship Program Director directly.

Other Summer Experiences

Our office helps BME majors locate summer experiences, as well, such as Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) at different universities, industry internship programs run directly by large companies, and specialty agency programs.

For further information, please contact:

Bobbe Nixon Mrs. Bobbe Nixon
Director of Internships & Corporate Outreach for BME, ChE and Nanomedicine
MR-4, Rm. 1122 and Wilsdorf Hall, Level B, Room 022
(434) 243-6285 (MR-4)
(434) 243-0137 (Wilsdorf Hall)