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Lydia Glaw    /

I am originally from Durham, NC. I attended Duke University as an undergrad (didn't venture too far from home!), and majored in biomedical engineering. After graduation, I worked for a year at the NIEHS in Research Triangle Park as an assistant in the confocal microscopy core facility. I'm married to Jason Glaw, and we have one holy terror of a cat. In my spare time, I make jewelry and ride my scooter.

University of Virginia
PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering, 2004 - present

Duke University
Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Engineering, May 2004

Research Interests
I'm interested in the role of bone marrow derived cells in microvascular remodeling. Currently, I'm using a chimeric mouse model to study the effects of PDGF-BB in capillary growth after chronic hypoxia exposure. I still love confocal microscopy after my stint at the NIEHS, and I use it to image the microvascular networks of the spinotrapezius muscle. I'm also interested in agent-based modeling.