Principal Investigator
Dr. Jeff Saucerman

Affiliated Faculty
Dr. Deborah Frank

Matthew van de Graaf
Gabrielle Maldonado
Darius Hossainian
Matthew Sutcliffe
Jingyuan Zhang

Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr. Cody Narciso-Widmer
Dr. Slava Tkachenko

Graduate Students
Bryan Chun
Anders Nelson
Philip Tan (accepted faculty position at Messiah College)
Laura Woo

Undergraduate Students
Ani Chandrabhatla
Monika Grabowska
Racquel Moya

Former Postdocs/Research Scientists:
Dr. Xiaji Liu (Astor) (now Bioinformatics Analyst at Health Interactive)
Dr. Will Richardson (now Asst Prof at Clemson U.)
Dr. Renata Polanowska Grabowska (now Asst Prof of Research at UVA)
Dr. Charles Haggart (now FDA Senior Staff Fellow)

Former PhD Students:
Dr. Angela Zeigler (2018, MD/PhD program returned to med school)
Dr. Eric Greenwald (2015, now NIH F32-funded postdoc in Zhang lab at UCSD
Dr. Karen Ryall (2014, now Biostatistician at Flagship Biosciences)
Dr. Robert Amanfu (2013, now Principal Data Science Associate at Capital One)
Dr. Jason Yang (2012, now NIH K99-funded postdoc in Collins Lab at HHMI/MIT)

Former Undergraduate Students and Staff:
John Hulse (now med student, U. Virginia)

Pranav Aurora (now MD-ScM population health student at Brown U.)
Monique Bailey (SRIP, now med student at Emory U.)
Anish Dalal (now Venture for America, GenomOncology)
Tristan Jones (now med student U. Chicago)
Alex Paap (now medical student at UVA)
Matt Rhoads (now Technical Services at Epic)

Jonathan Gaillard (now med student at Yale)
Riley North (now research specialist at U. Virginia)
Feilun Wu (now grad student at Duke)

Bill Boyd (now med student at U. Virginia)
Audrey Parker (Student Associate at Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner)
Lindsay (McLellan) Borden (now Obstetrics & Gynecology Resident at Carilion Clinic)
Alya Elsayed-Ali (SRIP, now dentist in VA)
Kristina Chapman (EP & CRM Technical Service Specialist at St. Jude Medical, now Senior Technical Service Specialist at Abbott)
Ashwin Katikapalli (senior analyst at The Advisory Board Company)
James Muller (systems analyst at Accenture, now med student at U. South Florida)

Stephen Dang
Kyle Delaney (now grad student at U. Chicago)
David Holland (now grad student at Hopkins)
Wyatt Shields (grad student at Duke, now post-doc at NSF MRSEC)
Jeff Smith (now Associate Scientist at Merck)

Greg Bass (grad student at U. Auckland NZ/Melbourne U., now at Alphapharm)
Matthew Kraeutler (CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center, University of Colorado School of Medicine)

Lulu Chu (Disease Modeling Scientist at AstraZeneca)
Sa Ra Park (now med student at U. Virginia)
Tommy Rappold (now med student at Hopkins)

Anthony Soltis (grad student at MIT, now Computational Biologist with the Henry M. Jackson Foundation)
Mayank Tandon (grad student at Thomas Jefferson, now post-doc at NIH)
Brooks Taylor (now grad student at UC San Diego)

Ryan Connolly (Physician at Georgetown U. Hospital)
Nicholas Krainak (Senior Software Engineer at The MITRE Corporation)
Sean Meredith (Resident Physician - Orthopaedic Surgery at University of Maryland Medical Center)

Former High School Students:
Monika Grabowska (now U. Virginia Biomed Eng)
Anita Grabowska (now U. Virginia Psychology)

Saucerman Lab linkedin group:
More up to date positions of Saucerman lab alumni likely to be here.