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Dr. Saucerman's BD2K-LINCS Data Sciences Research Webinar, Dynamic Logic-Based Models Integrating Cardiac Signaling Networks and Cellular Phenotypes (12/2016) [link]

Computational model of the cardiac hypertrophy signaling network (credit Audrey Parker):

Cardiac myocytes expressing GFP, cultured on an aligned collagen gel (credit Karen Ryall):

Cardiac myocytes labeled with BODIPY-FL-prazosin to track alpha-adrenergic receptors (credit Karen Ryall):

Dynamics of PKA activity in a neonatal cardiac myocyte measured with a FRET biosensor (credit Jason Yang):

Simultaneous Ca dynamics and myocyte contractions (credit Robert Amanfu):

Ca transients and isoproterenol-induced arrhythmia (credit Robert Amanfu):

Myocyte contractility measurements (credit Robert Amanfu):

Spontaneous calcium oscillations:

For more videos:

Old seminar videos:

Dr. Saucerman's talk on modeling compartmentation of cAMP and PKC signaling at the International Union of Physiological Sciences (7/2013) [link]

Dr. Saucerman's seminar at Johns Hopkins (4/4/2011) [link]

Dr. Saucerman's talk on modeling beta blockers at the University of Cambridge Isaac Newton Institute (7/20/2009) [link]

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