Heart function and failure are controlled by complex signaling and transcriptional networks that are just beginning to be mapped out. Our lab combines computational modeling and live-cell microscopy to identify these molecular networks and understand how they mediate cell decisions.

We are tackling a number of unexplained cellular decisions that are fundamental to the development of heart failure. For example, after myocardial infarction, what causes a given myocyte to choose enhanced contractility, growth, or death? Why do certain stresses cause myocyte lengthening, while other stresses increase myocyte thickness? Why are certain forms of heart growth reversible while others are irreversible? Answers to these basic science questions are being translated into novel strategies to re-engineer the failing heart.

April 2013:
Pranav Aurora is awarded summer research funding from the nanoSTAR institute!

Karen Ryall is a finalist in the UVa Presidential Poster Competition!

Tristan Jones is named a UVa Beckman Scholar! Read the press release here.

Jason Yang wins the 2012 Robert M. Berne Outstanding Predoctoral Trainee Award!

Congratulations to Bill Boyd, will attend UVa Medical School next year.

February 2013:
Pranav Aurora and Tristan Jones win a UVa Harrison Undergraduate Research Award!

Congratulations to Karen Ryall on her successful PhD proposal!

December 2012:
Press release and news articles about Karen and David's hypertrophy network model: UVa Press Release, FierceHealthIT, radio interview on 1070 WINA.

October 2012:
Karen Ryall and David Holland's paper "Network reconstruction and systems analysis of cardiac myocyte hypertrophy signaling" accepted in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

September 2012:
Dr. Saucerman wins the School of Medicine's Dean's Excellence in Teaching Award!

August 2012:
Eric Greenwald wins a Biomedical Engineering Society Graduate Student Design and Research Award!

June 2012:
Jason Yang wins 2nd place in the poster competition at the Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms Gordon Conference!

Karen Ryall is a winner of the ISHR International Poster Competition at the North American International Society for Heart Research Meeting in Banff, Canada!

April 2012:
Jason Yang successfully defends his PhD thesis and also wins the BME Outstanding Graduate Student Award and the Jill Hungerford Prize in Biomedical Sciences!

Check out the new Downloads section for models and image analysis codes.

Karen Ryall's paper "Automated imaging reveals a concentration-dependent delay in reversal of cardiac myocyte hypertrophy" is accepted in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.

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