Heart function and failure are controlled by complex signaling and transcriptional networks that are just beginning to be mapped out. Our lab combines computational modeling and live-cell microscopy to identify these molecular networks and understand how they mediate cell decisions.

We are tackling a number of unexplained cellular decisions that are fundamental to the development of heart failure. For example, after myocardial infarction, what causes a given myocyte to choose enhanced contractility, growth, or death? Why do certain stresses cause myocyte lengthening, while other stresses increase myocyte thickness? Why are certain forms of heart growth reversible while others are irreversible? Answers to these basic science questions are being translated into novel strategies to re-engineer the failing heart.

April 2015:
Congratulations to Matt Sutcliffe and Philip Tan, who together won a Double Hoo Research Grant!

March 2015:
Great showing at the Huskey Research Exhibition! Laura, Philip, Eric and Angela all presented their work. Philip won 3rd place oral presentation in 'Bugs and Biotech', and Laura won the 1st place poster in 'Biological and Biomedical Science'! Laura was also a finalist at the UVA Engineering Research Symposium.

Monika Grabowska wins the Grand Award at the Piedmont Regional Science Fair and interviewed on NBC 29! Next, she'll be off to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. link

January 2015:
Congratulations to Angela Zeigler, who successfully passed her PhD qualifying exam!

September 2014:
Congratulations to Eric Greenwald, who won the U. Virginia 3 Minute Thesis People's Choice Award! His presentation was entitled, "Scaffold proteins: (un)leashing efficient communciation".

June 2014:
Dr. Saucerman is elected as a Fellow of the American Heart Association!

May 2014:
Dr. Saucerman and Dr. Zhen Yan win the 2014 Thelma R. Swortzel Collaborative Research Award to support "MitoTimer reporter in human fibroblasts for diagnosis of mitochondrial diseases".

Eric Greenwald wins the first Wagner Fellowship from the UVa School of Medicine!

Congratulations to Philip Tan, who was awarded a postion on the Cellular and Molecular Biology Training Grant! Congratulations to Angela Zeigler and Laura Woo, who were both awarded positions on the Cardiovascular Biology Training Grant!

Congratulations to Will Richardson who won an American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Congratulations to Dr. Karen Ryall, who successfully defended her PhD thesis!

Congratulations to Feilun Wu, Jonathan Gaillard, Riley North, Tristan Jones, and Pranav Aurora on their graduation! Feilun will be attending grad school at Duke U. this Fall, Jonathan will be attending med school at George Washington U. Riley, Tristan and Pranav have obtained gap-year research or industry positions before heading to med school.

March 2014:
Congrats to Philip Tan on receiving an NSF Honorable Mention!

Monika Grabowska won a pile of awards for her high school science project! At the Piedmont Regional Science Fair: First Place in Biochemistry, Certificate of Outstanding Achievement for Ability and Creativity in In Vitro Biology, sponsored by The Society for In Vitro Biology, Award for Open Science, sponsored by the Center for Open Science Award for an Outstanding Science Project in Biochemistry, sponsored by the Virginia Dental Association. At the Virginia State Science Fair: 1st Place in Biochemistry. Congratulations!

December 2013:
Congratulations to Dr. Robert Amanfu, who successfully defended his PhD thesis!

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