Cancer Bioengineering

quoteCancer is a disease of misregulated genes, proteins, metabolites, cells, and biophysical forces.  Early-stage cancers are difficult to diagnose and characterize, and late-stage cancers are invariably hard to treat.  Clinically, cancer is an enormous burden on human health and society.  The challenges span multiple spatiotemporal scales and will require engineering approaches to solve.

The Biomedical Engineering faculty at UVA have established a multi-pronged effort aimed at cancer biology, cancer imaging, and cancer therapy.  Tissue foci include cancers of the breast, brain, pancreas, lung, and kidney.  Many of the faculty have strong connections with the NCI-designated Cancer Center, which is also located in the heart of the UVA Health System.

Primary Faculty

Song Hu:  multi-parametric microscopy of the tumor microenvironment in vivo

Kevin Janes:  intratumor regulatory heterogeneities and cancer systems biology methods

Kimberly Kelly:  biomarker discovery, molecular imaging and targeted therapy

Jenny Munson:  tissue engineered cancer models to probe the tumor microenvironment

Jason Papin:  network analysis of cancer metabolism

Richard Price:  image-guided delivery of therapeutic drug- and gene-bearing nanoparticles to brain tumors

Affiliated Faculty

Sasha Klibanov:  targeted/molecular ultrasound imaging of tumor neovasculature biomarkers; image guided drug delivery and focused ultrasound tumor therapy

Mark Williams:  development of molecular and multi-modality imaging systems, especially for breast cancer