Alexander L. Klibanov Alexander L. (Sasha) Klibanov

Associate Professor, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and
Department of Biomedical Engineering

University of Virginia
Box 800158
Charlottesville, VA 22908


Research Interests

Targeted delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic imaging agents. Design of ultrasound contrast materials; attachment of targeting ligands to contrast materials. Colloid based delivery systems (microbubbles and liposomes). Long-circulating liposomes and particulates.

Ultrasound imaging is a widespread and inexpensive non-invasive diagnostic technique. Ultrasound contrast agents offer a flexible platform that can be used for diagnostic imaging as a blood pool marker (tissue perfusion), as a targeted marker for imaging of inflammation, angiogenesis, and also as adjunct microdevices for enhanced targeted drug delivery and gene therapy. In diagnostic imaging, detection of contrast material offers high sensitivity (individual micron-sized particles can be visualized in vitro and in vivo by ultrasound medical imaging systems). We prepare and analyze such ultrasound contrast materials, attach targeting ligands (antibodies, peptides) and plasmid DNA to their surface for targeting and ultrasound-enhanced delivery.

Recent Publications

Wang S, Herbst EB, Mauldin FW, Diakova GB, Klibanov AL, Hossack JA
Ultra-Low-Dose Ultrasound Molecular Imaging for the Detection of Angiogenesis in a Mouse Murine Tumor Model: How Little Can We See?

More Publications

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