Richard W. Kent Richard W. Kent

Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Emergency Medicine
Deputy Director, Center for Applied Biomechanics

Ph.D. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia

1011 Linden Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22902



Research Interests

Dr. Kent leads the Automobile Safety Research Group of the Center for Applied Biomechanics. Dr. Kent's current research interests are in injury biomechanics, e.g., loading condition effects on injury tolerance, and characterization of biological structures, e.g., load distribution-specific quasilinear viscoelastic structural behavior of the thorax.

Selected Publications

Kent R, Henary B, Matsuoka F. On the fatal crash experience of older drivers. Annu Proc Assoc Adv Automot Med. 2005;49:357-92.

Stacey S, Kent R. Investigation of an alleged mechanism of finger injury in an automobile crash. Int J Legal Med. 2005 Sep 21;:1-6.

Kent R, Viano DC, Crandall J. The field performance of frontal air bags: a review of the literature. Traffic Inj Prev. 2005 Mar;6(1):1-23.

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