Greg J. Gerling

Greg J. Gerling

Departments of Systems and Information Engineering
and Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D., University of Iowa 2005

101D Olsson Hall
151 Engineer's Way
Charlottesville, VA 22904



Research Interests

My group's research interests lie in haptics, computational neuroscience, human-computer interaction, human factors/ergonomics, and biomechanics. Our main research goal is to clarify mechanisms underlying tactile sensation to help determine fundamental human capabilities, similar to that achieved in the fields of visual and auditory sensation. In particular, we are using computational models to understand the neural basis of touch at the level of peripheral afferents and capture the neural behavior of the skin-end organs. In addition to their role in basic science, such models and analyses are critical in our work engineering the signaling of artificial sensors that interface directly with the human nervous system and restore touch sensation (e.g., in burn victims and amputees) as well as for applications in human-robotic manipulation in medicine (e.g., the design of virtual reality simulators to train health care practitioners).

Selected Publications

Gerling, G.J., Rivest, I.I., Lesniak, D.R., Scanlon, J.R., and Wan, L., Validating a Population Model of Tactile Mechanotransduction of Slowly Adapting Type I Afferents at Levels of Skin Mechanics, Single-unit Response, and Psychophysics, IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 7(2):216-228; Apr-Jun 2014

Lesniak, D.R., Marshall, K.L., Wellnitz, S.A., Jenkins, B.A., Baba, Y., Rasband, M.N., Gerling, G.J., and Lumpkin, E.A., Computation Identifies Structural Features that Govern Neuronal Firing Properties in Slowly Adapting Touch Receptors, eLife, 3:e01448 2014

Wang, Y., Marshall, K.L., Baba, Y., Gerling, G.J., Lumpkin, E.A., Hyperelastic material properties of mouse skin under compression, PLoS ONE, 8(6): e67439 2013

Kim, E.K., Bourdon, S.M., Wellnitz, S.A., Lumpkin, E.A., and Gerling, G.J., Force sensor in simulated skin and neural model mimic tactile SAI afferent spiking response to ramp and hold stimuli, Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 9(45) 2012

Kowalik, C.G., Gerling, G.J., Lee, A.J., Carson, W.C., Harper, Moskaluk, C.A. and Krupski, T.L., Construct validity in a high-fidelity prostate exam simulator, Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases,15: 63-69, 2012.

Dunn Lopez, K., Gerling, G.J., Cary, M. P., and Kanak, M. F. Cognitive work analysis to evaluate the problem of patient falls in an inpatient setting, JAMIA: Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 17 (3), 313-321 2010