Brian H. Annex

Brian H. Annex

Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering
Division Chief, Cardiovascular Medicine

M.D. Yale University, 1985

Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
PO Box 800158
Charlottesville, VA 22908


Research Interests

Dr. Annex's laboratory has both clinical and basic research projects in area of angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels). This is largely focused on peripheral arterial disease (PAD) where blockages in arteries cause a series of clinical problems. His group conducts a series of translational studies which include investigations on the causes of lower extremity atherosclerosis, the mechanisms that regulate the control of collateral blood vessel formation, the impact that diabetes mellitus plays in PAD, computational modeling of growth factor pathways, as well as genetic influences. There are several clinical studies such as those testing the mechanism of exercise training as well as gene or cell based clinical investigation to promote blood vessel growth in patients with PAD. Finally, the laboratory studies other aspects of angiogenesis in the context of vascular injury such as erectile dysfunction.

Recent Publications

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Naresh NK, Butcher JT, Lye RJ, Chen X, Isakson BE, Gan LM, Kramer CM, Annex BH, Epstein FH
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance detects the progression of impaired myocardial perfusion reserve and increased left-ventricular mass in mice fed a high-fat diet.

More Publications

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