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Cardiac Biomechanics Group 2017
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The Cardiac Biomechanics Group focuses on the interactions between mechanics, function, and growth and remodeling in the heart. The mechanical properties of normal and diseased myocardium are important determinants of overall heart function. These mechanical properties change during growth, remodeling or disease, often in part as a response to changes in the mechanical environment. Our group studies this interplay between mechanical environment, tissue response, and heart function, not only to better understand the basis for heart disease but also to identify new opportunities to intervene.

News & Events:

January 2018
Drawing New Boundaries
Kellen Chen published his experimental and modeling paper on the role of boundary conditions in determining cell alignment in response to stretch. This was a collaboration between Kellen's experimental work on cell alignment with modeling developed by the McMeeking (UC Santa Barbara) and Deshpande (Cambridge) groups.

August 2017
What Exactly Does Your ECM Know?
Dr. Holmes was one of two investigators nationwide selected for the new AHA-Allen Distinguished Investigators program. A collaboration with Dr. Sarah Ewald in Microbiology and Dr. Zunder in BME, this project will track information flow in the cardiac extracellular matrix during aging and following myocardial infarction.
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