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Cardiac Biomechanics Group
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The Cardiac Biomechanics Group focuses on the interactions between mechanics, function, and growth and remodeling in the heart. The mechanical properties of normal and diseased myocardium are important determinants of overall heart function. These mechanical properties change during growth, remodeling or disease, often in part as a response to changes in the mechanical environment. Our group studies this interplay between mechanical environment, tissue response, and heart function, not only to better understand the basis for heart disease but also to identify new opportunities to intervene.

News & Events:

December 2015: JJ Joins the CBG
Jia-Jye Lee completed her PhD with Dr. Kevin Costa at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and joined the CBG in December. She will be our new point person on agent-based scar modeling.

November 2015: Reviews, Reviews, Reviews
Three review articles from the CBG were released online this month, including a review on therapeutically modifying infarct mechanics in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology (Clarke, Richardson, Holmes), a review on “Making Better Scar” in terms of both mechanical and electrical properties in Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology (by Dr. Holmes and Dr. Lior Gepstein), and a review on computational modeling of cardiac fibrosis written jointly with the Saucerman lab.

September 2015: New Grant on Multiscale Modeling of Heart Growth
A new U01 Multiscale Modeling grant from the NIH will support a collaboration between the CBG and the CMRG at UC San Diego to study how the heart remodels following infarction and in response to cardiac resynchronization therapy.

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