March 2014: Dr. Jason Papin has recieved a Distinguished Research Career Development Award to promote new and ongoing research. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Matt Biggs and Steve Steinway on receiving the "Developing Students for Leadership in Data-intensive Research and Innovation" Award!

February 2014: Don't forget to sumbit your abstract for the 3rd Annual COBRA Conference by Saturday March 1!

January 2014: The Papin Lab was just awarded a new R01 from the NIH titled "Mapping and predicting metabolic fluxes between the ileal microbiome and host". This grant involves collaborations with Glynis Kolling (Infectious Disease), Richard Guerrant (Infectious Disease), and Martin Wu (Biology) at the University of Virginia, and Jonathan Swann at the University of Reading in the UK. Congratulations to Matthew Biggs who helped with the grant proposal!"

Jennie and Phil’s paper was recognized on the cover of the January 15 issue of Journal of Bacteriology. Congratulations!
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Paul’s paper “Automated visualization of genome-scale metabolic models and high-throughput data” was recently accepted for the journal Bioinformatics. Congratulations!

December 2013: Congratulations to Paul Jensen for successfully defending his PhD titled “Data Integration with Constraint-based Genome-scale Models”.

October 2013: Jennifer Bartell and Phillip Yen's research article entitled "Comparative Metabolic Systems Analysis of Pathogenic Burkholderia" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Bacteriology. Congratulations!

Matthew Biggs and Edik Blais had their respective manuscripts released in PLOS One!

A team of U.Va. undergraduate students advances to the final round of the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition. They will compete at Massachusetts Institute of Technology starting November 1, 2013.
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September 2013: Matthew Biggs and Dr. Jason Papin's research article "Novel multiscale modeling tool applied to Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation " has been accepted for publication in PLOS One.

July 2013: Kevin D'Auria and Glynis Kolling's research article entitled "In vivo physiological and transcriptional profiling reveals host responses to Clostridium difficile toxin A and toxin B" has been accepted for publication in Infection and Immunity.

The Coulter Foundation has selected to fund a Papin lab project entitled "Profiling antibiotic susceptibility and growth of microbial pathogens with a novel plate reader" in collaboration with Dr. Erik Hewlett (Division of Infectious Diseases). Congratulations!

June 2013: Congratulations to the Papin lab for receiving a University of Virginia Seed Grant, funding a project entitled "Mapping and predicting metabolic fluxes in the gut microbiome" with co-investigators Dr. Martin Wu (Department of Biology), Dr. Dick Guerrant (Division of Infectious Diseases), and Dr. Glynis Kolling (Division of Infectious Diseases).

May 2013: A review article written by Jacob Koskimaki, Anna Blazier, and Dr. Jason Papin entitled "Computational models of algae metabolism for industrial applications" has been accepted for publication in Industrial Biotechnology.

Jacob Koskimaki received third place for his oral presentation at the University of Virginia Postdoctoral Research Day. Congratulations, Jacob!

A review article entitled "Multiscale computational models of complex biological systems" that Dr. Jason Papin helped to write has been published in Annual Reviews of Biomedical Engineering. See the article here.

March 2013: Kevin D'Auria received an Oral Presentation Award at UVa's 2013 Infectious Diseases and Biodefense Research Day! Congratulations Kevin!

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