Company Information

As a result of the UVA-Coulter Translational Research Partnership, many projects have taken off and created separate companies in varying areas of medicine. The companies are shown below with a small description of what they are focusing on. Feel free to visit their website by clicking on the company logo.


GID Group

The GID Group provides hospitals, clinics, or medical practices with a versatile tissue processing system, capable of use with different processing methods and different tissue types.



EpiEP develops cardiac devices, which enable physicians to operate on the surface of the heart with a minimally invasive approach for the treatment of arrhythmias such as Atrial Fibrillation and Ventricular Tachycardia.



Hemosonics uses their proprietary technology, Sonorheometry, to bounce ultrasound waves off blood samples in order to determine viscoelastic properties that will quantify hemostasis in patients.



HemoShear recreates in vivo physiological organ and disease tissue in vitro, enabling a more meaningful, human relevant assessment of targets and drug candidates, drug-induced biology and pharmacological responses.


Rivanna Medical

Rivanna Medical has developed proprietary ultrasound technologies to provide distinct advantages over standard ultrasound including bone imaging with radically sharper contrast and reduced noise along with 3D imaging capabilities in a low-cost portable ultrasound system.



NeoAntigenics develops molecularly-targeted biotherapeutics, in concert with companion diagnostics and imaging agents, to provide precise, personalized cancer therapy solutions.



PsiKick develops next generation Ultra-Low-Power wireless sensing devices, which contain complete systems-on-chip (SoCs) with full sensor analog front-ends, programmable processing and memory, integrated power management, programmable hardware accelerators, and full RF (wireless) communication capabilities.


iTi Health

iTi Health identifies biomarkers of disease, such as the protein target plectin, as well as companion targeting peptides capable of delivery of therapeutic payloads and as imaging agents.



Retivue is developing a low-cost retinal imager called CAVCAM to be used as a tele-ophthalmology screening camera for the detection of eye diseases.



AMP3D monitors report on subtle changes in bedside monitoring data, especially respiratory decompensation, that appear before patients look or feel ill.



SpringBok uses image-based muscle assessment to compare the effects of muscle volume to speed and agility in sports, ultimately using the information as a tool for athletes to train smarter.


Type Zero


Type Zero

TypeZero is leveraging more than 10 years of clinical trials, research, and innovation to develop the inControl Diabetes Management Platform to improve and simplify the lives of people with diabetes.


Sound Pipe


SoundPipe is developing intravascular ultrasound technology for drug delivery.